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Friday, 5 April 2019

Blind Souls Free Download Free Download gamingworldzone

Blind Souls Free Download Free Download

Blind Souls Free Download Free Download PC Game setup in single direct link for Windows. It is an amazing action, adventure and indie game.

Blind Souls Free Download PC Game 2019 Overview

Blind Souls is a first-person adventure game where you try to uncover the mystery surrounding the death of a medieval painter. In Blind Souls, you’ll track down mysterious events and you will help her “soul” to finish the paintings she always wanted to paint but could not do it because of her death.
* See the world through the eyes of a dead painter.
* Locate the canvasses at your own pace and and interact with these canvasses to put your mood and vision on them.
* A wide variety of locations, joyful and relaxing atmosphere.
* Professional voice narration, emotional and poetic story.
* No puzzle solving, free form of roaming around.
* Calming ambient music.

Technical Specifications of This Release.

  • Game Version : Initial Release 
  • Interface Language: English
  • Audio Language : English
  • Uploader / Re packer Group: PLAZA
  • Game File Name : Blind_Souls.iso
  • Game Download Size : 4.9 GB
  • MD5SUM : e97f9aee81e6054c0d91078c1234bda1

System Requirements of Blind Souls Free Download

Before you start Blind Souls Free Download Free Download make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.
* OS: Windows XP and above
* Processor: 3.0 GHz dual core or better
* Memory: 2 GB RAM
* Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible with 512 MB video RAM or better (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 / Radeon HD 5850)
* DirectX: Version 9.0c
* Storage: 7 GB available space
* Sound Card: Windows compatible sound card
* OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
* Processor: 3.0+ Ghz Quad Core
* Memory: 4 GB RAM
* Graphics: 2048 MB VRAM and Shader Model 4.0
* DirectX: Version 9.0c
* Storage: 8 GB available space
* Sound Card: Windows compatible sound card

Blind Souls Free Download Free Download

Click on the below button to start Blind Souls Free Download. It is full and complete game. Just download and start playing it. We have provided direct link full setup of the game.

Click below Button and Wait For Few Seconds On Next Page. Download Will Start Automatically. Installation Guide Video is also on bottom of Next page.

Friday, 1 February 2019

Destiny 2 Xur location and items, Feb. 1-4

Destiny 2 Xur location and items, Feb. 1-4

If you played Destiny, you may be familiar with Xur, the weekly Exotic item merchant. In Destiny 2, he’s back, and he now appears all over the map. This week, he’s in the EDZ. You can find Xur hanging out on a bluff next to a Fallen Ketch.
Xur’s inventory this week consists of the following:
  • Huckleberry, exotic submachine gun: 29 Legendary Shards
  • St0mp-EE5, Hunter legs: 23 Legendary Shards
  • An Insurmountable Skullfort, Titan helmet: 23 Legendary Shards
  • Claws of Ahamkara, Warlock boots: 23 Legendary Shards
  • Isochronal Engram: 97 Legendary Shards
Xur’s inventory caps out at 631 if you’re at 650 power. He also offers specific rolls on each armor piece each week, giving out different perks for the same pieces. We’ve highlighted any great rolls below.


The Huckleberry is an exotic from Warmind. Its intrinsic perk is Ride the Bull, which causes the gun to fire faster and have increased recoil the longer you hold the trigger. Kills with the gun partially reload the magazine. The Huckleberry’s secondary perk is rampage, which causes each kill to increase your damage for a short time.
The Huckleberry is a very fun gun to use. Its perks combine to offer you a little mini-game of trying to fire for as long as you possibly can without having to reload. It may not be particularly useful in a lot of end-game content — although it has some PvP potential — but it’s a blast to use in Adventures, Public Events and Escalation Protocol. Pick up The Huckleberry if you can afford it.


St0mp-EE5 is a powerful traversal exotic for Hunters. The exotic perk, Hydraulic Boosters, increases slide and sprint speed, as well as increases jump height. This exotic is very strong in a myriad of situations. In PvE content, it can be great for getting where you need to go quickly. In PvP, it’s a perfect exotic to disorient foes and get to unexpected places quickly.
This week’s roll:
Slot 1: Fusion rifle dexterity, hand cannon dexterity, outreach (class ability use reduces melee cooldown)
Slot 2: Scout rifle scavenger, special ammo finder
This is actually a pretty decent roll on a great exotic, thanks to hand cannon dexterity and special ammo finder. Outreach can be pretty useful as well, considering how often Hunters can dodge. Consider picking up this week’s roll.


An Insurmountable Skullfort is an excellent PvE and PvP exotic for Striker Titans. Its Transfusion Matrix perk will cause your melee ability kills to instantly trigger health regeneration as well as fully restore melee energy. With the Forsaken buffs to Titan dashes in PvP, this helmet has become one of the most powerful exotics for any activity. If you’re a Titan player and you don’t have this yet, rectify that.
This week’s roll:
Slot 1: Fusion rifle targeting, hand cannon targeting, hands-on (melee kills grant Super energy).
Slot 2: Sniper rifle reserves, machine gun reserves
Hand cannon targeting is great for a lot of players, as is hands-on. Machine guns are also really powerful right now, which makes machine gun reserves pretty potent. This exotic is already extremely powerful, and this desirable roll makes it even better. Pick this one up!


The Claws of Ahamkara are Warlock gauntlets added in Destiny 2’s Warmind expansion. Their exotic perk, The Whispers, grants any Warlock that wears these gloves an extra melee charge. Warlocks have some pretty powerful melee abilities, so these are great gloves if you love getting up close with your enemies.
This week’s roll:
Slot 1: Fusion rifle loader, hand cannon loader, impact induction (melee damage reduces grenade cooldown)
Slot 2: Sniper rifle scavenger, machine gun scavenger
This is a good roll on a decent Warlock exotic. Hand cannons are very popular and machine guns are useful in most situations. This exotic is fun and useful in some situations. If you’re used to playing Titan and want to try out hitting stuff with a Warlock, check out these gloves.